The Challenge

To project the imagen of an open, inviting and welcoming community with a moderm, attractibe and innovation design that reflects a cosmopolitan Basque Country.
A funcional and practical space that fosters meetings among tourism sector professionals and in between them and their clients, the public in general.
All the above aligned with the Basque Government's Stratergic Tourism Plan for 2017- 2020 and the multiple designand build guidelines set out by the different venues.

The Outcome

The underlying concept in this design is the "hug", a kind of greeting or a sign of affection, where a slight pressure (embrace) is made on the person to whom this gesture is offered. It develops and articulates the narrative and meaning that every design project must have. In search of a figurative and constructive element that represents the essence of the hug. We found the roof tile as a traditional element present in the history of the Basque people (architectural element that covers and protects our homes, folklore and ethnolography ... Madalenas fiesta in Bermeo, a typical gastronomic sweet born in Tolosa...).

With it's nearly 1000 m² , the exhibition is a modern, attractive and innovative space articulated through large structures with arched shapes which we extract from the fusion of the drawing that is generated when tracing a gesture such as a hug and the outline of an architectural element very present in Basque culture, the roof tile