Design is an essential attribute of a Brand, it boosts business and builds brands. When present, it not only enhances the look, but also the performance of a product and it can significantly improve the delivery of a service. All this creates a ripple effect that transfers real value to a customer and improves his or her experience of a brand.

We deliver design and build projects with meaning

You’ve got a great product and it should speak for itself Right? Not always. A creatively designed product, environment or corporate identity speaks to your customers – sometimes maybe even before you do. When we create, we want to be sure that whatever we design for you captures the essence of your business, conveys your core message and attracts the customers you want.

What we do at the hub

The BDH Workspace is a co-working space that provides an array of essential resources for a strong community of designers and creative professionals. Here we incite tangible connections between them and customers in order to generate sustainable and profitable business, locally and internationally. We are much more than just co-working.

Experience Design

We help enhance customer and user experience.

Service Design / UX-UI Design / Digital Transformation

Interior Design & Architecture

We define new spaces and redefine existing ones

Workplace Design / Ephemeral Architecture / Retail & Corporate Design / Branded Environments / Architectural Design

Industrial Design

We design smart objects.

Product strategy / Concept ideation / Design development / Engineering liaison / Digital fabrication

Brand Design

We’ll help you connect with the people you want to engage.

Brand strategy, Naming & Messaging/ Art direction / Editorial / Graphic design & packaging / Wayfinding / Motion graphics / Audiovisual Identity

ONA Moscu

Interior Design & Architecture


Industrial Design


Interior Design & Architecture

How can we
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