We believe that each project is unique in its idea and solution. The search for unique results constantly challenges us to explore innovative and optimal answers. Our goal is to offer a global service that minimizes the stress generated by the project.

The detail is the core and the means of design, our secret:

  1. Precision in the process.
  2. Project planning and management.
  3. Collaboration with multidisciplinary production teams.

In the development of our design proposals, we take care of each of the phases of the project from the initial concept to the development of the productive planimetry of each and every one of the ideas. Furniture, showcases, panels ... product design at the service of the project.


  1. Observation
  2. ✽ Trend research
  3. ✽ Requirements - needs analysis: user and product
  4. ✽ Opportunity detection and briefing development
  5. Design concept
  6. ✽ Product strategy
  7. ✽ Sustainability and ethical design
  8. ✽ Product design
  9. ✽ CMF strategy (Innovation and materials)
  10. ✽ Concept visualization (sketches, video, infographics...)
  11. ✽ Layout and volumes
  12. Development
  13. ✽ 3D CAD modeling and technical documentation
  14. ✽ Prototyping and pre-series
  15. ✽ Design engineering
  16. ✽ Industrialization and supplier management


Spaces are systems where conceptualization, design and communication coexist. Our technical team brings out the strength of these systems by materializing concepts, researching new habitat and exhibition methods and materials for the future, enhancing the idea of exhibition spaces that tell stories and connect with the public.

We design products with software and specialized techniques that make the process viable, simplifying products in terms of functionality and sustainability, making full-scale prototypes to be used for user testing.